001184310031bwWelcome!  I am delighted to meet you!

Come on in, let’s chat a bit…

Let me introduce myself:  I’m Angie… a writer, musician, and speaker trying to drudge through this messy and dirty world.  (Aren’t we all?)


I know what it’s like to be tired, overwhelmed, and discouraged… like a numb zombie with a to-do list a mile long and no working arms left to attack it.  The fast pace of this life can run me over like a mac-truck.  Sometimes, I feel like a gerbil in a ball, relentlessly running through mundane tasks to nowhere.  There have been days in which all I want is to lock myself in a closet with a box of chocolates, a coke, and endless Netflix…even if my toddler is pounding on the other side of the door demanding a new diaper.


Here’s what I’ve learned as I dig through all the buckets of mud:  I believe we can’t make it to the other side of all the crap without each other, brutal honesty, a little bit of humor, and a whole lot of Jesus.  And we can come out of even the worst situations with joyful fullness.  

Crazy, right?bwhandsHere on my blog, I use those ingredients to craft beauty and joy-filled purpose out of all the “muck” …and with a husband, four kids, 2 pets, and a life of full-time ministry, I’ve got droves of raw life material with which to work!

avocadoI am passionate about helping people search for the redeeming value hidden in all life throws our way.  In trials of parenthood and marital difficulty, amidst personal struggles of identity and worth, through addiction and sickness, I deeply value cultivating purpose out of the mud. I demand to locate the beauty in our ashes.  Even when our land looks like desolate mud, it is bubbling with the power of God to bloom full gardens of goodness.

Whether it be through writing and speaking, or through book or song, I long to communicate the deep redemptive love God has for us in Jesus and the glory He deserves.  God truly works out all things for the good of His people!  And for that, He is worthy of much praise!bwhomework

I would love to share with you the good I’ve found, and give you hopeful and honest pictures of the new life just beneath the surface of our life’s dirt.  Join my email list to receive my latest unearthings of beauty through this blog.


You can also check out my book, A Girl and Her Warhorse, which is an example of how God has redeemed one of my many messy situations to create something of value and beauty.

If you would like to contact me about speaking or leading worship for your next event, click the link above.   I’d love to hear from you.

Let’s start digging.  Our mess=His beauty…



  1. Just found your blog via LWML Quarterly. It’s odd I don’t read it that often, but saw it on the back table in our church and picked it up this month. I’m glad I did. I keep wanting to find those women within our church body that are out there. I know we are…. but we are so often busy with the beautiful mess of life. Thank you for taking the time to share and be a witness to our Savior Jesus Christ through it all. Keep spilling Him forth.

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