There once was a girl named Angie Goeke…

I hope that you will all join me in January at the R&R Retreat! Between now and then, many wonderful ladies will be sharing their stories on the Story Page. I am so honored to kick off December sharing my story on the R&R Retreat Blog. Make sure to also check out the registration page! 😉

The R&R Retreat


My story is a pursuit of beauty.

Right now, there’s a flute playing it’s 24th rendition of Up on the House Top and it’s hollow sounds enter my right ear from the other room. “Ma-ma” is being shouted into my left ear, as I swat at little fingers that pull at the keyboard in my lap. At my feet, a very wiry-haired dog bites at her flees….I hear her teeth chatter and my skin crawls. The TV fills any possible void of noise and silence doesn’t exist in this moment.

“Mom!”…from the bathroom, this time. It’s another appeal to wipe yet another butt. I’ve been wiping butts (other than mine) for approximately 11 years straight now. I’m really tired of wiping butts.

“Do you have The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller?” comes from the bed where he sits on the phone. The good man is trying hard to find…

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