Poetry Night

Thursday night we completed our poetry unit with “A Night of Poetry”.  We invited a few family and friends over for coffee and snacks.  The girls were so excited to share the poems they composed over the past two weeks as well as some of their favorites from books.

We decorated the house with candles in an attempt to set the mood.  We moved our chalkboard outside in front of the door with a message to welcome our guests.  We had both visual poems (acrostics, concrete, and book spine poems) and verbal poems (limericks, adjective poems, alliterations, and personification poems).photo copy 5

photo copy 3

Here is a sampling of what was shared:

The Shower by Helen Goeke 

I have a shower,

It has eight eyes.

Oh, me. Oh, my,

Look at it cry.

The soap was laughing,

The loofa was scratching,

The bubbles died.

And that’s why he cried.

The girls took a picture of their book spine poetry from weeks ago at the library.  The idea is to stack books and use their titles to write a poem.  Here’s Ava’s example:  (I like them so much, I think we will put them up on the walls somewhere.)


It was fun seeing all our supportive family and friends there to encourage our girls.  They enjoyed it quite a bit as well.  Gideon even shared some jokes.  And Grammy got into it too, writing and sharing her own poem.  (Thanks, Grammy!)

photo copy 2

Friday during the day, we did absolutely nothing.  God rested on the seventh day, I figure we could take a day of rest after our poetry unit!

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