If I Were Honest CD

Angie’s new full length album on CD, released 2022, recorded in Nashville, produced by Mary Bragg. Includes: So I Pray, Leftovers, Whiskey in a Teacup, If I Were Honest, Farewell, Starlight, Fayetteville, Fly Baby Fly, Half a Mind, and Floored.


That One Song

A compilation of all the singles Angie released during 2020. Ever wonder, what was that one song? Chances are you’ll find it on this CD.


Knots CD

Angie’s debut EP on CD. Includes: No More, Man in the Moon, Commitment Down (feat. Alex Coba), Irreconcilable, Papers, and Knots.


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Vinyl Sticker

If I Were Honest Vinyl Sticker. Approx. 3 X 1.7 inches.